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PCR Molecular Urinary Tract Infection Testing is the evolution of urinary tract infection testing. PCR molecular testing for UTIs screens for a variety of pathogens and a number of antibiotic resistance markers, while a standard urinalysis simply detects whether a certain level of bacteria is present in the urine.

Our Comprehensive UTI PCR Panel can be ordered with NGS. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) tests the specimen against a comprehensive database of 50,000+ sequencing codes of bacterial and fungal species to determine specifications and antibiotic resistance. Determining antibiotic resistance allows the physician to prescribe relevant medications modified for the patient. With this evolutionary testing technology, we can defeat both acute and chronic UTIs from their onset enabling the best treatment strategies possible for physicians and their patients.

Molecular UTI Testing can be especially helpful for patients that have chronic UTIs and oftentimes are only giving samples for urinalysis (UA) with culture and sensitivity. At CTC, our PCR approach allows the physician to see antibiotic resistance in about 36-48 hours rather than 3-5 days for a urine culture. Faster and more comprehensive results enable the physician with better treatment strategies and swift relief for the patient.

Because urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted infections can often present with similar symptoms, we include a 4-Pathogen PCR Molecular STI Panel with the Molecular UTI Test. Our STI testing is a non-invasive and discreet process that helps detect an infection early, even if there are no symptoms. Comprehensive testing for comprehensive treatment!

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